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Big Ben

Big BenNo visit to London could ever be complete without seeing Big Ben one of London's most famous landmarks. Big Ben is one of London's attractions that is worth visiting during the day or at night as the clock face is illuminated during darkness making it look even more spectacular.

Big Ben got its name from its huge 13 ton bell which is officially called the Great Bell created by Sir Benjamin Hall in 1856. The clock tower itself is 96 metres high with 334 steps until you reach the belfry

Big Ben's four clock dials measure a whopping 7 metres in diameter and support 312 pieces of opal glass. the clock's minute hands are over 4 metres long and are made from copper weighing more than a 100 kilograms.

UK visitors can go inside and climb the clock tower of Big Ben for free but must first make an appointment via their local MP, unfortunately at the current time access to the inside of the tower is not available to overseas visitors and children under the age of 11.

Even for those unable to climb the tower Big Ben is still well worth visiting if even just for the photo opportunities.